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(OOAK) Woven Necklace with Large Oval Golden Labradorite Cabochon
The 24″ necklace is woven using tiny seed beads and crystals ending in a beautiful oval golden Labradorite cabochon at the drop. The delicate weave creates a ‘feather’ affect having the cabochon seamlessly floating in the heart of the design and is open both front & back to allow more light through the cabochon.

The black & silver spiral bracelet
Another edition of the black spiral bracelet, this time with silver seed beads and a silver magnet clasp that has crystals in it. Wear with casual or elegant attire!

Turquoise Nugget Bracelet (OOAK)
This beautiful Caribbean style blues bracelet was made using huge nuggets of turquoise, Swarovski blue opal crystals, Czech cream pearls, smaller turquoise beads, and more Swarovski black crystals, a Stainless Steel lobster clasp on anti-tarnish silver ‘Artistic’ wire. A matching pair of earrings and gorgeous drop lariat was also made as a set in sterling silver.

Tahitian silver pearls

(OOAK) Statment Cluster Necklace
With almost 400 beads including fresh water pearls (in hues of blue, purple, rose, cyan, silver, lavender)  labradorite, Swarovski, Czech crystals, drop and druk beads, plus clear quartz. Is now gone to a friend who loves how it turned out.

Chocolate Quartz Brilliance! (OOAK)
This chocolate (smokey) quartz necklace also contains golden fresh water pearls, Swarovski pearls, mother of pearl chips & Czech beads. The matching bronze anti-tarnish Artistic wire provides seamless connectivity, floating the beads throughout the the design.

Peyote freeform design

Double Bead Peyote Freeform
1000s of Japanese seed beads sewn together in a freeform pattern creating gorgeous cuffs. The black & blue cuffs use Swarovski Crystal closures and will fit wrists up to 7 inches. The Pink will be completed-to-order to a length of the customer’s request.

Bead Weave

Took a while to make this lovely in a warm rose and pearl woven rope with tassel. The tassel comes off and doubles as a bracelet. Loved the result! Come see it at my next event!

Beautiful large Labradorite cabochon reflecting it gorgeous blue hues, from Tabor Island, Nain, Labrador. Embellished with aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Czech & Chinese crystal beads and more. If you have ever wanted a brilliant chunk of Labradorite, here it is! Comes on a Sterling Silver chain.

Gorgeous aventurine quartz with loads of inclusions!  Light enters the the stone and strikes the quartz inclusions providing the most interesting light play. You can get lost in this little stone with it’s  sparkly appearance known as “aventurescence”. The other beads included Opals, green garnet, quartz, malachite, aventuring chips and Japanese seed beads.

A stone graced by the golden locks of angels, Rutilated Quartz is an effective antidepressant because it heals emotional wounds, clearing the way to a spiritual awakening. (taken from These tiny golden hairs are spectacularly illuminated under the light, a dazzling effect that puts this rock star of gems center stage alongside Diamonds, Selenite, and other translucent crystals. You can see a hint of the “rutile” in the stone as the colour gradation from honey yellow at top, to pastel yellow mid to bottom. In a minimalist wire wrap, I just love seeing more gemstone and less wire, the size, polish and symmetry is stunning! Have a look at the back.

Nice sized oval shaped mother of pearl cabochon in a bezel of pastels: cream, light turquoise, silver, gold & orange. Embellished with carnelian, quartz, citrine, opal, glass pearls and other crystals. Fully reversible, so click here for a picture of the back – just as beautiful! 

Now completed, update image coming soon! OOAK PAUA SHELL cabochon.
 Gorgeous hues of blue & turquoise, very light weight.  The cabochon is so well polished and rippled with colour, it only needs a sterling silver chain to finish it! Reversible as shown in the image above.

At 2cm wide by 1.5cm long, these are really cute and harmless. Made Ethel & Willard were made in pure copper.  Only $25 for the pair in copper or tarnish resistant artistic silver wire. Various types of semi-gems available.

BEAUTY in Pearl and Chalcedony– Bracelet Freshwater pearls, baroque shaped freshwater pearls, Czech pearls, agate and nacre pearls, Swarovski pearls, Mother-Of-Pearl, Chalcedony, Swarovski & Czech crystals, .925 sterling silver heart toggle clasp with sterling silver split jumprings, all woven on Parawire, anti-tarnish wire. Made to order, please ensure you measure your wrist correctly and your closure preference.

Bead woven peridot bracelet
It became a gift for a friend!

The gorgeous colour in these peridot beads is further enhanced by the beautiful of the golden shadow Swarovski crystals and balanced by the precision of Japanese seed beads in gold.

Peridot occurs naturally in one color only. It is a form of Olivine, a mineral composed of magnesium and iron.  It is unique in its specificity of colour and in this bracelet becomes the perfect gift for an August birthday.

A quartz and crystal 10 strand necklace repair. This necklace is one that can be worn to any occasion as done so by it’s owner, who says this is her favourite piece and she’s so happy it’s fixed.

Lovely cluster pearl necklace – 5 different shapes of fresh water pearls, (rice x2, potato, baroque & round), chalcedony faceted tear drops, Swarovski crystals in light rose and crystal AB, agate and glass pearls and more. SOLD but would love to make one just for you!

A custom set I crafted in Sterling Silver rings, chain & “blue shade” a very subtle blue Swarovski crystal. “Something borrowed, something blue.”

Wedding Bracelet in White Crystal Pearls and Japanese Seed Beads

A custom made bracelet in pearls and clear seed beads with magnetic clasp for the mother-of-the-bridal with coordinating pearl earrings.

Flourite Drop Earrings

A beautiful pair of drop cluster earrings made to order from A-grade rainbow fluorite on sterling silver level back findings.

Horse copper wire pendant with chocolate quartz bead (as the eye) Pure copper antiqued hanging from a lovely antiqued copper bale. from black Greek leather necklace.

Shown in bright copper (before it was antiqued) this horse head shawl or scarf will work with any knitted scarf or shawl. The “spear” is quite dull at the tip but good enough to go through knits.

14 Strand Coral necklace - restrung and custom beaded clasp
This was a 14 strand coral repair

This multistrand coral necklace needed to have the clasp remade and restringing. Blog post coming soon!

This is a beautiful black, cream, red, and crystal clear with a huge black crystal loop to hold the 4 strands into place. I love the colour combination and the vintage beads and design and enjoyed fixing it for a friend.

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The black crystal spiral designer weave bracelet!

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Notes of Appreciation

Thanks again Trudy, for your lovely creation. I’m wearing it for several days now. You are patient and talented! 

Liz C.
Necklace & Earring Set

I gave my wife the bracelet you made in her favourite colours Thanks Trudy, she loved it! And it does fit perfectly. Job well done.

Jake S.
Custom Bracelet

Thanks for the repair on my 4 strand beaded necklace. You did a splendid job bringing it back to it's original form. It was a favourite of mine for many years and now I can love it again.

Crystal C.
Lariat Repair

My mother's pearls cost over $5000 when she bought them around 60 years ago. I don't know what they are worth now but I'm really glad I can wear them. Your affordable repair bill made it possible.

Stephanie E.
Knotted Pearls

The bracelet you recommended  was the perfect gift at this time in our relationship. She loved it!  We will drop by your studio to have it resized. - Many Thanks.

S. Allerton
Chainmaille Bracelet for Friend

I made a bracelet last Canada Day at your booth for my friend. You were so patient and made it easy and fun to create. Can't wait to make my next piece!

D. Lee

... we loved creating together, but I really love my "host gift". Will post a recommendation on Facebook! Thanks Trudy & gang!

Crystal Johnstone
Adult Jewelry Making Party

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I do hold on to items for years, but with some items, if they don’t sell, I take them apart and make something else.  In this case, I loose the unrecoverable beading string, wire, thread, crimps and covers, jumprings, etc. as they cannot be reused.

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