Red Amethyst Pendant


Deep burgundy ruby Amethyst druzy beaded into a bezel to further enhancing and show off the crystal formation of this pendant. The bezel safely and gently hugs the pendant at all angles but does not hinder your ability to see and feel it. The crystals faces are completely included in or coated by rouge-red hematite. Individual crystals separate from the druse and show a dark amethystian interior as visible in the side profile image.

The pendant comes with a coordinating twisted beaded chain in light plum (A/B) and butter cream coloured beads at 24 inches and can easily be moved to other chains.

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Red amethyst combines the properties of amethyst, hematite and smoky quartz in a striking druzy configuration. The hematite encrustation interrupts the growth pattern of the tip of the crystal, creating a cathedral formation in deep hues of red, burgundy, dark purple and mauve.

The bezel was woven in Japanese seed beads in a deep burgundy colour with an iris coating accentuating the red amethyst stone.


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