Fixing your Costume Jewelry

I Can Help!

If you have a minor issue like a busted ring, toggle or pin, I can usually repair it within minutes and, at very low costs. Below are fees for fixing/replacing common plated repairs:

  • Jumpring (plated) $5
  • Clasp (plated) $10
  • Pins (Plated) $1 (each)
All costs are based on repairs that can be performed relatively quickly. For large repair requests or sterling or gold filled repairs, please request a quote..

Contact me to arrange delivery and pick-up of your piece. All my repairs are guaranteed to last under normal wear & tear.

Restringing, (re)Knotting & Remodeling

Restringing or Remodelling You Jewelry

I can re-string costume jewelry with materials that you will agree to or with like materials already present in the design.

All restrung pieces are guaranteed for life to withstand normal wear and tear. So, for example, if you accidentally catch your restrung necklace or bracelet on something sharp, that would not covered. Restringing starts at $10 for a 16 inch strand plus cost of supplies including missing beads, rings, clasp, and other findings.

(Pearls, Semi-Precious Stones or Other Beads)

Two good reasons for knotting fine stones and pearls include:

  1. Stop you from loosing all your beads if the necklace or bracelet brakes
  2. Stop your beads (especially pearls) from rubbing up against each other creating surface scratches

Knotting starts at $40 for a 16" strand with pearls 6mm in diameter or larger with normal sized holes. If your pearls are smaller or you have a longer strand, please request a quote.

I use high quality silk (normally in white unless you want dark knots) for beads with normal to small holes. For beads with larger holes I will work with you to find your preferred stringing material.

Custom Designer Pieces

Want something that is uniquely made for you? Or, perhaps you want a designer piece made from a stone or beads you already own?

Please contact me as I would be more than happy to craft something just for you to suit your unique style.

Not sure what you want but need a place to get inspired? Have a look on »  Pinterest.   You can get lost in there for days. 

Timing Is Critical

If you are ordering a gift for a specific occasion, I need time to complete your order. I must source the supplies, design, weave, test and finalize measurements for your custom piece.

With my thanks, could you please contact me at least 4 weeks before you need it. For multiple items, I will require more notice, and preferably least 8 weeks, especially for statement pieces, or pieces that need real pearls and/or higher priced supplies like Swarovski Crystals, and sterling silver findings.

14 Strand Coral necklace - restrung and custom beaded clasp
Restring and remodel clasp
This was a repair. So beautiful I had to post on my site. Lariat designs are available.
Reknotted Pearls
A strand of high-end pearls re-knotted.
Custom bead weave Necklace
Custom beaded necklace
Green Goddess spiral bracelet
Green Goddess spiral bracelet ordered for wife.
Beaded Heart Pendants
Woven hearts - IWS Canada "Love & Peace Award" donation
Lapis re-knotting
Re-knotted lapis lazuli
Aquamarine beads in copper wire woven "flower" shaped pending
Bead woven in turquoise in silver
Bead woven in turquoise in silver Japanese and Czech seed beads with magnetic clasp and chain guard.
Pearl and Onyx cluster necklace
Pearl and Onyx cluster necklace
Obsidian Turquoise Bracelet - Bead Weave By Trudy Maresch
Rulla beads (turquoise in colour only) plus golden eye obsidian textural bead woven bracelet.
Bridesmaids Earrings
Bridesmaids Earrings
Tree Of Life Pendant
Tree Of Life pendant with ruby coloured agate (died and stabilized). Wire is anti-tarnish Artistic Wire.